InterRe Finance Services

We offer a wide range of services and products for personal, consumer, business, commercial, industrial and farming clients, including:

•    vehicle finance
•    plant finance
•    equipment finance
•    machinery finance
•    residential property finance
•    commercial & industrial property finance

Vehicle Finance

Motor vehicles are essential to all walks of life. Are you:

  • Working for wages and needs a new car to get to and from work?
  • Tradie that needs a ute of 4wd fitted out with ladder racks, tool boxes etc?
  • A sales rep that is on the road a lot and does a lot of miles?
  • A farmer that requires a 4wd or ute to get around their property in all weather conditions?
  • A tour operator that needs a 4wd with lockers, lift kits, winches etc?
  • An enthusiast that has their eye set on a GT40, 57 Chev, Cobra or some other exotic machine?

We can provide finance for ANY motor vehicle for Business and Consumer needs.

Road Transport

Road transport is a vast industry and we cover all aspects of it. Are you:

  • Self employed courier with one van / Pantech and need something more reliable?
  • Do you run a bobcat / mini excavator / tipper combo and your tipper is getting a little long in the tooth?
  • An interstate truck driver hauling cattle, general freight etc and your fuel costs are spiralling out of control due to the age of your truck?
  • The owner of a medium to large transport company with a hundred prime movers and a mixture of B Doubles, flat top, drop decks, reefers that cannot manage the finance portfolio any longer due to its size?

We provide finance solutions for ANY type of transport operations. No matter what it is you require a replacement tipper, expanding operations or require assistance in managing your entire equipment finance arrangements / balloon payments, etc. WE DO IT ALL!


Earthmoving is one of the most diverse industries in Australia. Do you:

  • Own a bobcat / mini excavator / tipper combo and need to replace a machine?
  • A grader operator that requires a new or additional machine to meet current work levels?
  • A large scale company with dozers, excavators and various loaders that requires external management of your fleet?
  • Need GPS levelling equipment fitting to your existing machine to be able to win additional work?
  • Currently subcontracting work out and require a new machine to put that profit in your pocket instead of someone elses?
  • Cross hiring an expensive machine to complete work because your bank can’t help and they don’t understand your business?

No matter what your situation, we dig deep and really get to the nitty gritty of your business and identify what makes it tick, for one reason. To help you get the best possible finance solutions to make your business as efficient as possible and to keep as much profit in your pocket as possible.

Agriculture and Farming

Agriculture and farming has been the backbone of the Australian economy for such a long period of time. Whether you are:

  • A cotton farmer that received income once a year?
  • Crop farmer that plants multiple crops and harvests several times a year?
  • A contractor that owns various harvesters, spray coups etc?
  • Cattle farmer on a million acre property?
  • Banana farmer from north qld?

Income from farming and agriculture operations can be from once or twice a year to monthly. Equipment finance MUST be structured correctly to farmers own unique situation and should not be left to amateurs. Cashflow is the life blood of any business and it must be matched correctly, otherwise the consequenses could be diabolical.


From personal pleasure vessels to aquaculture and commercial fishing operations. Do you:

  • Work hard during the week and want a jetski or trailerable boat for some week end fun, fishing and stress relief?
  • You’ve built a highly successful and profitable business over the last 15  to 20 years  and are ready to start enjoying life got your eye on a fly bridge cruiser?
  • Run an aquaculture business and require a specifically designed flat bottomed boat for bringing in the catch and moving equipment and feed around?
  • Operate an aging offshore trawler, stayout for weeks at a time and need a new, more reliable and comfortable vessel?
  • No matter your situation, business or personal use, we do all types of boat and jetski finance.

    Equipment, Plant and Machinery

    No matter the type of equipment, plant or machinery you require for your business. We can Finance it ALL!!!! Do you:

  • Require a new compressor for your manufacturing operations?
  • New hoists and tools for your mechanic business (fixed or mobile)?
  • Require a CNC machine to bring production in-house to reduce production times and costs and put more profit margin back in your pocket?
  • Need a new forklift for materials handling in your warehouse?
  • Are you thinking about replacing some of your production line with automated robots to streamline your operations reduce production time frames?There really isn’t any type of equipment that we can’t finance. We’ll even throw the challenge out there, no matter how “left of field” your request is and if there is a benefit to your buiness, we’ll make sure we understand it and get it done for you.

    Property Finance

    Property finance – Home Loans, Investment, Commercial, Industrial, Farming, we do the lot!  Are you:

    • A husband and wife, currently renting and tired of paying off your landlords mortgage?
    • Self-employed and been told by your bank “sorry, you don’t meet our criteria”?
    • Have a SMSF (Self Managed Super Fund) and looking to diversify your investment portfolio?
    • A business and have been leasing your current premises for a number of years?
    • Had a home loan for a few years and been thinking it should be reviewed?